How to easily find copy right free images in Google

I attended a really, interesting workshop recently at Art Lovers Movement – Lake Macquarie.

Our visiting artist, Belinda Biggs, was talking about making sure we use only copy right free images for our paintings.

Now not all of us are globe-trotting photographers, and a lot of us like to be able to paint from a photo. So how to make sure we are not going to be sued for using someone else’s image?

If you follow these simple steps listed below, you can be sure the images you are looking at are copyright free. You will have to follow the steps each time you start a new search, as they re-set themselves back to normal after you log out.

1. Go to Google Images search.
2. Click the Gear icon or Settings
3. Select Advanced search.
4. Scroll down and use the usage rights drop down menu to select Free to use or share,    even commercially.


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