Art For Sale / Newcastle

This page is constantly changing as more art is created and others are sold.  Keep checking in to see my latest art which is for sale.  

Please use this link to contact me if you have any questions.    Contact me

Wild Blue Wrens – Framed watercolour 55 x 45cm $180
Lovely Lorikeets – Framed watercolour – $280 72 x 57cm
Blue Wren – framed watercolour 53 x 42cm $180
Summer Fun – unframed watercolour $75
Just Chillin’ – unframed watercolour $75
A Place To Call Home – unframed watercolour $90
Glamour Girls – framed watercolour $180
Paris by Night – framed watercolour $180
|Chinese Village – unframed watercolour $75
Caves Beach – Framed watercolour 79 x 58cm $240
Horse-play – unframed- Watercolour and graphite $90
whale 1
Whale 1 – framed watercolour 70 x 54 cm  $180
Sunset Sailing
SOLD  Sunset Sailing – framed Watercolour 70 x 54cm $250
bird of paradise blue
Bird of Paradise Blue – Framed 70 x 54cm Watercolour and graphite $180
elephant family
SOLD   Elephant Family – framed 53 x 43cm watercolour and graphite $150
Zebras – Framed 54 x 70cm Watercolour and graphite  $220
Main cave caves beach - blue
  SOLD   Main Cave Caves Beach – Acrylic on Canvas – large size  $260
Bird of Paradise Trilogy
Bird of Paradise Trilogy – Acrylic 92h x 102 w  cm  $240
bird of paradise green copy
SOLD Bird of Paradise green – framed 43 x 53cm watercolour and graphite
Main Cave – Caves Beach Pink sunrise Acrylic on canvas 91 x 46cm  $180

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