Sharing expertise to enhance art.

I had to be creative in coming up with a way to get some art lessons by Lynne Lucas, as her classes are usually filled in advance with a waiting list.  But after seeing her art I really wanted to share some ideas with Lynne.

So, after a chat with her, I realised that she was wanting to have her own web site but did not know how to go about it, but I did Ha.  Here was my opportunity!

We have agreed to share ideas and our different areas of expertise to enhance both our art experiences.  I am creating Lynne’s web page – check it out here:

Lynnes web site

Lynne Lucas is currently preparing to attend the Summer Art School at Bathurst Uni for a week.  I attended this school earlier this year and came away with so many great ideas, as well as new art friends.  So not only will I gain Lynne’s art expertise when she returns, she will be able to share so much more with me and also with her weekly class.

A gain for everyone, by sharing our expertise!


8 thoughts on “Sharing expertise to enhance art.

  1. I have noticed Chris that you have had an art challenge, some very nice pieces of work displayed, i have completed a feather and I am now onto a commission for a small wren, so I too have been working very hard on my art, feels good to be back at it again, getting in tune for Bathurst.


    1. Yes Lynne, I am up to day 5 of my art challenge. I also have a couple of commissions to complete, plus am doing a couple of on-line art courses at the moment.
      So I am keeping busy. I am looking forward to your classes commencing in Feb and meeting your art ladies.


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